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January 14, 2022
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Words from the CEO

Time flies when you are having fun doing what you love. It seems like yesterday, I was in my garage holding certification review sessions with 30 to 40 friends every weekend. That was from 2007 to 2009. Then, one day in the summer of 2009, while eating lunch, I got a call from the California Department of Public Health approving my application to train hemodialysis technicians in California. So many of you were there with me during Dialysis Education Services’ founding days. I have never felt like I am working since that day. I love what we do and know that we are the best at it. Over and over, I get positive reviews from graduates, facility administrators, and dialysis organizations that testify that the education we provide leads to better care for patients.

Our simple certification program evolved into an organization with an integral role in healthcare, educating new and existing staff of dialysis facilities, skilled nursing homes, medical practices, hospitals, healthcare vendors, and device manufacturers. In addition, we play a massive role in the fight against COVID- 19. We have partnered with several counties, school districts, businesses, and government agencies in the labors to protect the community.

Our history leads me to a sense of urgency as I know that our education leads to better care. As such, don’t we have the responsibility of duplicating it across the country? The overwhelming need to scale and share the experience with others drives us to take our offerings Nationally. We are counting on all of you to help with this initiative. Your support in sharing, subscribing, commenting, tagging, etc., in all of our digital assets will cast a net and move the bodies of knowledge that only come from Dialysis Education Services.

Thank you all for the trust, support, partnership, and advice. I am also thankful for the people who told me I would never succeed, that I was just a tech or not qualified to lead. Yet, rather than tearing me down, you all have sculpted me into the man I am today, trained me to be resilient, and motivated me to accomplish more than I had ever imagined being possible.

Please make sure to check our website for recent changes and additions. We are adding content regularly and hope that you will become part of our community.

Student Spotlight – Aya Shioya, RN

I attended classes just before the pandemic in December of 2020. My class was small, with hours that accommodated my work schedule. The experience was outstanding and thoroughly prepared me to be a qualified and thoughtful dialysis nurse. The organized attention to detail was impressive and helped me retain information and comprehensively view healthcare to better advocate for my patients. I learned to put patients first and speak up whenever there is a dispute in that priority. If I didn’t go to DES, I wouldn’t know how to operate the machines and ensure quality with the dialysis technicians I supervise. I wasn’t familiar with dialysis before going to DES because my previous nursing experience was as a midwife in Japan. Morales focused on patient care and the biomedical aspects of hemodialysis.

The school helped with resume building in classes and coordinated with the largest dialysis organizations in the world to discuss internships and job interviews. Even after graduating, I speak to Morales regularly when I need advice, guidance, or just to vent. He has become a friend and partner in the fight against kidney disease. The laser-like focus on patients in school translated well to the profession of a dialysis nurse.

The school placed me in an internship that quickly resulted in a job at a newly licensed and certified facility in Los Angeles County. Surprisingly, after a short orientation, I was promoted to Charge Nurse and supervised the facility on my assigned days. Soon after, I started a second job at another Dialysis Facility on the border of Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Growing my skills during COVID has been a challenge and has kept me on my toes with infection control and safety. It is hard to believe that two years have passed already, and I am now an expert in dialysis.

The patients become friends/family because treatment is long-term, several times a week, and requires a team approach to help them live their best lives. There are so many considerations in their well-being, including support, education, safety, nutrition, fluid management, and medication. The patient’s responsibilities are not easy, but we are part of their team. A well-functioning team focuses on education, keeps patients healthy, gives families peace of mind, and keeps everyone happy.

Any Registered or Vocational Nurse who wants to work in dialysis should attend Dialysis Education Services because it will put everything in perspective.

Dialysis Education Services is focused on providing a full-cycle training experience that promotes an educated community.

We provide:
1. Hemodialysis Training Programs
2. Certification Reviews
3. Continuing Education Courses and Events
4. Corporate Training Programs

Online Classes Launch January 3rd, 2022

The emergence of our Online classes serves the urgent need for the highest quality training to dialysis staff nationwide.

The online theory coupled with clinical training meets national certification requirements and streamlines fulfillment of industry needs. Students from any state in the nation are able to avail the very best trainers and education for the dialysis career.

Information on Hemodialysis Training Program

Continuing Education Opportunity – January 9th, 2022

Join us for an in-depth presentation on Home Dialysis with Richard Cabrera, Senior Clinical Consultant!
We all know that home therapies are the ideal solution for chronic illnesses. So why do most people dialyze in-center at the thousands of dialysis centers across the United States? What are the perceived and real challenges that patients and healthcare providers face in utilizing care in the comfort of Home? How has COVID impacted the outlook for patients with ESRD? Richard Cabrera has been addressing these questions personally and professionally for over 25 years. His role as Senior Clinical Consultant at one of the world’s largest dialysis organizations has given him a broad perspective on just how challenging Home is. Learn how to support, encourage, and empower your patients to understand the home intricacies better.

Information on Continuing Education

Events are recorded and available for viewing on our Youtube channel.

Monthly Certification Review – January 30, 2022

The next review is January 30, 2022 from 8 am to 12 pm.

We have helped over 2000 people to prepare for success as Certified Hemodialysis Technicians.
Instructor Michael Morales has taken, passed, and carried certifications from all dialysis technician national certification organizations and maintains his CHT, CHBT, and CHWS, respectively. His 20 years of coaching professionals preparing for the certification examinations brings familiarity with the everyday challenges in retention and methods of resolution to those challenges. The dialysis technician certification review is a development of his life’s work.

If you or anyone you know needs help on preparing for certification examinations, don’t hesitate to reach out and enroll with the best reviewer in the country.

Information on Certification Review

Please send your comments, questions, and reviews back to mmorales@dialysiseducation.net. We look forward to the year ahead and partnering in your personal, professional, and corporate growth. Keeping the focus on helping patients get better care and live better lives, we commit to sharing the best dialysis and healthcare education around.